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Storyboard: Neo Sports
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advtg.
Category: Others

The film opens on a West Indian in an Indian dhaba. The waiter comes and places his order on the table.

After having a bite of the spicy food, he asks the waiter for a glass of water. The waiter ignores him and moves on.

The foreigner then approaches a table occupied by a family. From a number of glasses placed on the...

...table, he tries to pick one but the family does not let him do so and gulp down the water themselves.

Dying to have water he approaches an old couple. Instead of helping him out the old lady puts her dentures in the glass of water placed before her. Wanting to get rid of the pungent...

...taste in his mouth, he comes running to two men having lunch. Seeing the West Indian one of the two men puts his fingers in the glasses before him and make fun of him.

Not finding help anywhere he finally comes running to a tap. As he tries to draw water from it, somebody stops...

...the water supply. As we see the West Indian helpless, the Super reads: “It’s tough being a West Indian in India...

...India Vs. West Indies. 21st - 31st January 2007.” The ad ends on...

...the brand shot with the Super reading, “Live & Exclusive.”

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