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Anup Tapadia - Founder, TouchMagix Media
  • If there is one place you can keep going back to for a holiday, where would it be?


  • Tell us three good things about travelling?

    I love to learn about history and culture when I travel. I enjoy meeting new people. I must confess that I also enjoy the time spent on airplane and in transit where the cell phone does not ring and I have peaceful time to think.

  • When you travel, what is a must carry for you?

    My MacBook.

  • When and where did your best holiday happen?

    Santorini, Greece where I went with my wife in 2012.

  • As a traveller, what’s your tip for others?

    Avoid too much detailed planning for any trip. Let the surprise and adventure remain to be explored at run-time.

  • A colleague/co-worker from your industry with whom you would like to go on a holiday.

    With TouchMagix’s R&D head.

  • What has been your ‘Life me ek Baar’ moment?

    The skydive I did at San Diego and Mexico border.

  • Have you ever been surprised by the taste of food, outside India? Where?

    I always assumed Chinese people eat relatively bland food and only Indian Chinese was spicy. I was taken aback on my trip to Beijing, where I could not eat a Chinese dish because of the spiciness and the locals went all easy on it.

  • What and where has been your best bazaar bargain so far?

    Buying large artifacts in Bali was quite a bargain. Due to good deals, my family shopped so much that we had to book a large 40ft container to ship goods to India.

  • Which has been the most unique destination that you ever visited. When and why?

    Santorini, the island’s blue and white theme, the beautiful architecture coupled with ample avenues for fun and adventure makes it different from the rest of the world.

  • What has been your worst travel moment? Why?

    During a heavy work trip, I lost the track of sanity due to lack of rest. I read the arrival time at the destination as the departure time from the source and managed to miss the flight.

  • What is the best souvenir you ever bought for anyone?

    The large Buddha stone statue from Bali.

  • What is your ‘Life me ek Baar’ vacation, that you would definitely want to go on?

    I will definitely like to climb up Mount Kilimanjaro once in this lifetime. It’s a 6-8 days hike.