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Call me sentimental but...

By Anand Halve

When a film like 'KICK' with no noticeable - or even token - evidence of logic, gets people to fork out over 200 crores in box office collections, all illusions (or delusions) that man is a rational creature can finally be put to rest. He isn't.

But I do not wish to sound elitist about this. There is no evidence that the appeal of the illogical is restricted to the fans of shirt-less musculoids. Take for instance the stock market analysts. Young men and women in this line, paid annual bonuses that exceed the GDP of several sub-Saharan countries, have no qualms about referring to the 'sentiment' in the market that is driving up stock market indices. In recent days, I have heard ostensibly hard-nosed businessmen too, speak about the new sentiment in industrial circles leading to an improvement in the investment climate.

  • The Ultimate Footballing Machine

    By Vinay Kanchan

    It took the 113th minute to break the deadlock.

  • A Time for Mundial Madness!

    By Vinay Kanchan

    Now before you break out into your best Bollywood Bhangra jig, at the mention of the word 'Mundial', know this; that it usually refers to the football World Cup. And the 'l' at the end of the 'Mundial', is not as silent as some famous politicians we know. Though to be fair the impending soccer carnival, which kicks off in Brazil this week, does imply some truly wild dance moves-both on and off the playing pitch.

  • Disaster Management for Entrepreneurs

    By Alok Kejriwal

    Disasters hover over entrepreneurs, like bees hover over honey. I doubt there is a single entrepreneur on earth (or heaven and hell) who has not encountered a business disaster. The question is: How do they manage?

  • Piggyback Entrepreneurship

    By Alok Kejriwal

    Allow me to make you a proposal:

  • Of Men & Mentors

    By Alok Kejriwal

    This title of this article is inspired by John Steinbeck's classic book 'Of Mice and Men'. If you haven't read it, get yourself a copy. You will appreciate my title better, then.

  • Look Mama, They Are (re) Targeting Me!

    By Alok Kejriwal

    So, let's assume that you know a man, with a...errr... problem. You know the kind of problem I'm talking about. The one that happens in the bedroom; the one we all read about and say, "Thank God this hasn't happened to me!" It's the problem that men develop when they have bad jobs, bad bosses, bad cars and bad everything. It's a bad problem that needs a Blue Pill.

  • The Politics of Desire...

    By Alok Kejriwal

    This is written without any grudge, agenda or prejudice. This is something spontaneous.

  • The WhatsApp Acquisition: Masterstroke or Maha Blunder?

    By Alok Kejriwal

    Facebook-WhatsApp deal: Is paying Rs 1 lakh crore for a free app, a Masterstroke or a Maha Blunder?

  • Beware the ides of March

    By Vinay Kanchan

    They sit you down, in a manner reminiscent of school

  • Business Model vs. Revenue Model

    By Alok Kejriwal

    Assuming that the term 'Business Model' is the same as 'Revenue Model' is assuming that the word 'aspiration' means 'inspiration'. Then, you might as well assume that the surname Singh is the same as Kejriwal.

  • Selling Ice to an Eskimo...

    By Alok Kejriwal

    Let us assume that the two of us are wannabe entrepreneurs and have invented a revolutionary 'ice-making machine'. What's revolutionary about it? Well, we still don't know, but we have some fancy 'concepts and ideas'. Above all, we desperately want to be entrepreneurs!

  • Innovation secrets excavated from the ancient world

    By Vinay Kanchan

    There is something utterly fascinating about old civilizations. They represent colossal triumphs of human thought, in eras where muscle ruled over the mind. And yet within the confines of such adrenaline infused surroundings, small pockets of cerebral hope tantalizingly blossomed. All because the citizenry within, began to explore interesting possibilities.

  • Little Man Big Lessons

    By Vinay Kanchan

    There was not a single dry eye at the Wankhede Stadium that day. Millions across the nation paused, at that very off beat non-prime time slot, and perked up their ears to listen to what the little man was saying. Because after twenty four glorious years, Indian crickets greatest flag bearer was drawing stumps on an epic innings. Every emotion laced word seemed to edify the realization; that the nation was losing the one man, whose fortunes had become the topic of everyday conversation, from residential dinner tables to corporate water coolers.

  • Igniting the Branding Renaissance

    By Vinay Kanchan

    The early part of the fourteenth century, ushered in a magical period in Europe, indeed in all of human consciousness. Following hot on the heels of the depressing mediocrity of the Dark Ages, came an era of outstanding human thought, aptly called 'The Renaissance'.

  • Advertising is that Girl who flirts with you, but never marries you

    By Alok Kejriwal

    How many times has a girl broken your heart? Once, twice, lost count? Did you find the 'perfect girl' - the one you could spend your life with, who suddenly vanished?

  • Breakfast at 9 pm!

    By Alok Kejriwal

    Exactly this time, this month, four years back, around 9 pm, I was in New York City on a business trip. After a long, dogged and rather unsuccessful day, I was finally on the way back to my apartment hotel.

  • 5 great Symphonies and what Entrepreneurs can learn from them

    By Alok Kejriwal

    Lessons from Symphonies

  • An age old rant

    By Vinay Kanchan

    A much abused statistic from PowerPoint sessions of the present times; is that over 50% of the country's population is under 25 years of age.

  • Flipkart 200M funding - Doodh ka Doodh; Paani ka Paani

    By Alok Kejriwal

    When I heard that Flipkart had raised ANOTHER 200Mn US$ round in financing, my body went through hormonal changes. I was amazed at the strength of the Flipkart team and their business traction to raise such a massive sum; yet my calculative Marwari brain went a bit haywire.

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