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Why i DONT LIKE Steve Jobs :-(

I don't like Steve Jobs.

And why?

Because at my dinosauric age of 39, Steve Jobs completely turned my easy chugging life upside down.

This is what he does to me:

- He makes me go crazy with his attention to detail:

Check out this MacBook remote control I bought some time back:

When I peeled the small tape that sealed this slim box together, I was awestruck.

The tape was EXACTLY as slim as the groove it was supposed to sit in. It was NOT EVEN a micron broader. This attention to detail has consumed me in my everyday life.

When I open lunch boxes, envelopes and anything insignificant, I remember this box of my MacBook.

I once gave a video descriptive rant to the head of business of Cafe Coffee Day (A coffee shop chain in India) about how their sandwiches were packed in boxes with tapes that were too broad, too long and too difficult to open.

I told them to buy this remote to understand the solution.

Steve Jobs makes me think of everything with perfection and that torments me :-(

- Steve Job makes me understand simplicity.

Every time I operate my Sony Wega using the remote control below, I almost vomit.

That's because Steve Jobs has taught me that there is NO NEED for complexity and confusion. His iPod, iTouch and iPhone constantly remind me of that.

Now, every time I operate ANYTHING that is non Apple, I keep applying this logic of 'simplicity' to it and challenging my head as to why most people JUST DONT GET IT.

This obsession with simplicity has seeped into my life - the way I talk, the way I think, the way I write and, definitely, the way I do business.

It's very very difficult to be simple and that's the pain I live with now.

- Steve Jobs has reinforced my sense of MORALS (and hence made me feel guilty of my previous misdeeds)

At the time when iTunes was not popular, digital music of the pirated variety was proliferating like a weed.

I was (and am) obsessed with music and there was no way to ship CDs of music I loved from the USA when I was in India. Yet to enjoy that new music, I was falling prey to 'packaged' cassettes of popular music that I know had been ripped off from original albums.

Once iTunes came along, I have NEVER EVER burnt or bought an illegitimate sound track and I feel so proud of it! At the same time, I look back and retrospectively feel guilty of having bought Pirated music.

- Steve Jobs made me very ambitious (and restless)

As an Indian games company, we were chugging along OK.

Making games and selling them to Indian brands etc was what we understood.

However, the iTunes platform and the ability to make SMALL, self created games and SELL them to the entire world made entrepreneurs like me WAKE UP!

We did not HAVE to be EA to be big in games; we could be games2win!

Now, every passing day, even small ideas give me INSPIRATION to create some kind of app and put it out there - in the hope that it could be my lucky break!

A simple game of ours called 'Super Mom' that we built in Mumbai and which cost us less than 2000 US$ has already grossed us 100,000 US$ on the iStore (Ads+downloads) so far.

I do not know WHERE and HOW that would have ever been possible.

Steve Jobs gives me sleepless nights, because I now dream games and apps all night long and have the ability to make them HAPPEN when I wake up.

Steve Jobs, you are my guru. And true to guru tradition, you torment me to make me perfect.

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