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News organisations and their industry, is emerging as one of the most dynamic places to be in today. We have seen how, in a mirror reflection of their own role in society, questions have been thrown at the news segment, in virtually every area of operations. Be it news gathering, news distribution, or monetising news and more, virtually every aspect of this category has been evolving at a very fast pace.

Today, the industry is far more transparent, professional, in tune with their reader's requirements and most importantly, competitive, than it ever was. Just in the past 5 year, more news organisations list in the equity markets than in the previous 25, shifting the spotlight firmly on the industry's viability, rather than just its output as it were. Today the digital giants along with the World Wide Web and the Internet have permanently altered the news media landscape, challenging traditional news models and constantly redefining what news is and how it is delivered.

These changes have thrown up their own questions for the industry and its stakeholders. With some of the most knowledgeable and involved professionals from the industry as speakers, you can look forward to some great insights, perceptive thoughts, and daring ideas at the event.


Date - 4th August 2011
Venue -The Oberoi, New Delhi


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