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  • Arunabh Kumar
    Arunabh Kumar, (YouTube content creator and founder-CEO of 'online TV network' The Viral Fever (TVF))
    "Digital video is brutal": Arunabh Kumar, The Viral Fever

    Thanks to affordable smartphones, video consumption on mobile has been growing in India. Now, with the coming of 4G, it threatens to explode. Online digital video is the next big thing. Players in this business have, consequently, been attracting considerable attention, of late. Usually, investor money goes to e-commerce players, but YouTube content creators are also attracting attention in the big, bad VC world.

    We bring you one such. Meet Arunabh Kumar, 33, founder of The Viral Fever (TVF), an organised online entertainment network. In February this year, TVF raised USD 10 million (Rs. 66 crore) from Tiger Global, an investment firm that reportedly picked up 25 per cent stake in the company. Read More