"Even if people are not buying our phones, they should consider it": Vikas Agarwal, OnePlus

An interview with Vikas Agarwal, general manager - India, OnePlus, on the sidelines of the launch of OnePlus 5......Read more

Even if people are not buying our phones they should consider it Vikas Agarwal OnePlus
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Shashank Sinha

AVP Marketing, Eureka Forbes

Amidst growing competition and unorganised players in the market, the brand has always ensured that its consumers are well informed about the right technology and products - suited for their individual needs - through marketing efforts. The newly launched ad campaign for Aquaguard, 'Farak Dikhta Hai', is a creative depiction of the benefits of the patented BiotronTM technology with an aim to create a meaningful difference to the lives of the consumers, thereby promoting healthy living.