Men can pout, dance in ghungroos, be gay; Don't judge: eBay India's new spot

In a campaign aptly titled #ThingsDon'tJudge, the brand explores many situations in which men and women of all ages get judged by society......Read more

Men can pout dance in ghungroos be gay Dont judge eBay Indias new spot

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Amer Jaleel, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Mullen Lintas

"In two words - Mullen Lintas! Since we launched Mullen Lintas some 12 months ago we have executed 13 new launches. Voot, Vistara, Voonik, Gionee, Cleartrip Local, Honda BRV, Dabur HoneySpread, Yoodley, Almond Shampoo and Real Wellness Jamun, MTV Beats, Avenger FLG, Tata Coffee Grand. We are finding the waterscape on the client's side, the tech side and the audience side evolving everyday.

We are enjoying the challenges of new money, particularly. This waterfall of content, backed by VCs that audiences are stunned, amazed by. Dancing under that waterfall. Pulling eyeballs to little idea jigs for our brands, that's refreshing!"

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10 Key Trends in Social Media

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