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Swati Jain

Director- Marketing, Avon India

India has a young demography and it is this young population that is shaping the beauty industry for the future. Gen Z are discerning and open to experimenting. They are digitally savvy and love consuming trend updates on the go.

With an intent to connect with millennials, the brand has been adopting new age methods to engage with them. AVON is investing in various forms of digital content ranging from Gifs and albums to contests to constantly engage with the audience. AVON launched the AVON True Range via FB Live, ran the AVON True Make Up Marathon campaign on social media through the month of April and associated with colleges for nail art sessions to connect with youth. AVON also initiated the
#PayAttention Breast Cancer campaign to create awareness among the youth and help beat breast cancer.

Sustainability is the focus for AVON and a good assessment of brand lift is increase in engagement, consideration and shareability of the campaign. Millennials associate well with AVON and we are glad to have been able to connect with our core audience. Our campaign reach on social media is testimony to it why we are ahead of many global brands.