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Travel XP HD comes up with second season of 'Strictly Street - Out at Night'

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New Delhi, May 1, 2012

On public demand, Travel XP HD has come with the second of season of 'Strictly Street - Out at Night' featuring its very own and loved Rohan Patoley, funnier and wackier than before.

The show showcases the best and popular joints to eat out at night in urban India, so that one does not go hungry if in a particular city late at night! A variety of food joints from all strata helps one pick the joint that suits their pocket and palate. Not to be left out for those inclined for some fun and frolic, are certain night joints where one gets to experience the diverse cultural dance forms, the modern youth entertainment like live bands, and night melas, and many more exhilarating experiences while enjoying your gastronomical delights.

"After roaming the streets of India for the past one year, I think I can still find many more mouth watering dishes to keep me going for many more seasons. Such is the vast diversity of India's culinary culture," says Rohan who has tasted the sweetest to the weirdest, from the most bizarre to the blandest foods across the length and breadth of Mother India.

So get ready for another food packed season starting from Sunday, April 29, 2012 every night at 8:00 pm only on travelxp HD.

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