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Amrita TV Undertakes First Coverage in Channel History of Mt. Kailash

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Trivandrum, July 12, 2012

Himapathangalil is a visual narration of Amrita TV's pilgrimage to the sacred environs of Mt. Kailash, the first such channel attempt in Malayalam.

Soaring a majestic 22,000 feet atop the icy remoteness of the Tibetan plateau, the snow-capped Mt. Kailash is one of the most hallowed spots in the world. Amrita TV sets out on a strenuous expedition over the ethereally beautiful landscape, to pay homage at the foot of the legendary mountain, considered as the abode of Lord Shiva. Himapathangalil will portray the spiritual journey, winding across the banks of the river Sarayu, through the sublime vastness of the Manasarover conceived in the consciousness of Brahma and over the ruggedness of the Ashtapath mountain. It will be aired from July 16th , the 1st of Karkkidakom for 30 days, everyday at 6.30 am in the morning and 5.30 pm in the evening.

The Kailash -Manasarovar excursion is headed by Mochita, the sheet anchor of Udayamritham, who attempts the most difficult pilgrimage in the world, fraught with the risks of high altitude diseases, treacherous terrain and temperamental weather that would have tested even an able- bodied man.

Amrita TV's expedition over the route of this ancient pilgrimage that goes back many centuries in time, covers over a 1000 kilometers, crossing Kathmandu and cutting across the Nepal-Tibetan border into the weathered territory of far western Tibet. It stops over at the Pashupatinath temple, the biggest Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the world, Swayambhunath, one of the oldest religious sites in Nepal, the Darbari Square listed in UNESCO's World Heritage Site, the celestial Manasa Sarovar lake, where the Gods themselves are believed to bathe etc , enroute to finally circuiting the Shiva -linga shaped mountain.

Though consecrated to 4 different religious faiths- Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Bon the pilgrim attendance in Mt.Kailash is rather low. The isolated location, its inaccessibility by plane, train and bus that calls for trekking on foot, the high altitude and biting cold make the journey challenging to most. Himapathangalil, which gives the gratification of a Kailash darshan to its viewers also imparts advice, information and alerts on the routes to be followed, the clothing to be worn, the camping gear to be included to the devotee preparing to get a glimpse of the grandeur of Mt. Kailash and experience its cosmic vibrations for themselves.

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