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'Poet-Prophet of Alternative Medicine' Deepak Chopra on CNN's 'Talk Asia'

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New Delhi, February 21, 2012

He's a medical doctor whopreaches peace, serenity and a holistic approach to health and isn't hesitant to share his views on where he feels the modern medical system is failing. This week,CNNsTalk Asiatravels to India to meet the best-selling author and self-help guruDr. Deepak Chopra.He shares with CNN's Sara Sidner his thoughts on "pill pushers" in America, politics in India, and opens up about his relationships with celebrities including Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga.

Please find excerpts from the interview with Dr. Deepak Chopra below. The full interview transcript will be available upon request after the first airing of the show.CNN's Talk Asiamust be credited for any use of this material.

On Modern Medicine:

Chopra:The system is terribly flawed. It's messed up. But the theory behind scientific western medicine, contemporary medicine is good. It's incomplete though, because mechanisms available are not the origins of illness.

.I'm being really honest and truthful about this, especially at the end of life, nobody dies peacefully at home anymore. They end up in the ICU, they're not prolonging life, they're prolonging suffering.

On Celebrity Archetypes:

Chopra:Stars in our culture today, they're representations of ancient archetypes. Like the Greek mythologies, the gods, you know? And so today, if you look at each celebrity, doesn't matter, if you look at Princess Diana, she represented Diana, the Greek goddess, Aphrodite, etc. And, every celebrity, if you look behind the mask, you'll see they're expressing archetype that's part of our imagination but also part of our collective yearning.

On Criticism:

Chopra:Be happy, when you're being criticized or marred. It doesn't matter, whether you're vilified or you're being put on a pedestal, if you're being ignored then you're not doing anything important.

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