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"Overdrive on Track"

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Mumbai, October 12, 2012

As India gets ready to host the pulsating Formula One race for the second time, CNBC-TV18 is all set to create the fervor of the ultimate motorsports fiesta with "Overdrive on Track". The award winning show on the channel, "Overdrive", has strategically created a special four part series going beyond the threshold of racing tracks. The series will not only bring viewers close to the actions from Buddh International Circuit but will also provide them with an overall perspective of the sport. The series is packed with various interesting anecdotes that will elucidate viewers about competing teams and drivers, the technology involved in F1 apart from the investments, revenue and profitability associated with the motorsports extravaganza. The highlight of the series will be India's F1 connect, with spotlight on the Indian sponsors, players and also on the impact of F1 on Indian motorsports scenario.

Viewers will get a 360 degree perspective on F1, starting from the recap of the debut year of Indian Grand Prix, to a comprehensive analysis of the F1 business. CNBC TV18's team will interact with key stakeholders likes of Mr. Askari Zaidi from Jaypee Group, Indian Motorsports Head, Mr. Vicky Chandhok and sponsors like Airtel & Vodafone to understand their stakes involved and how they plan to obtain maximum returns. The On-track race management team will provide an inside view of the functioning of a modern F1 race weekend. The series will also bring the audience up-close and personal with key teams & drivers, team principles and senior F1 journalists who will be a part of the annual speeding glory. Also, viewers will get acquainted with the cutting-edge technology that forms the vertebrae of F1. The series will culminate with a comprehensive review of the 2nd Indian Grand Prix and enlighten viewers about the future of one of the most high-maintenance sports.

Part 1 Airing on Saturday, October 13th at 11:30 am & 10:30 pm on CNBC TV18

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