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Vijayavani publishes a 'colossal' supplement

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Mumbai, November 07, 2012

Vijayavani recently published a special supplement christened "Anand Lokha" with its Gangavathi edition, to mark the birthday of Karnataka's highly minister of state.

Vijayavani Bellary
Vijayavani was entrusted with the privilege of releasing the elaborate 208 pages 'all colour' supplement, which comprised of 13 pages, wholly dedicated to the honorable minister's achievements.

Vijayavani's momentous supplement was very well-received by the district populace and garnered great response. This is evident courtesy of the fact that Vijayavani did not receive even a single 'return-copy' on that day! As prophesized by a senior media professional who requested anonymity, "Vijayavani is already on the verge of unseating the leading daily of Karnataka…keep watching."

As is well known by now, Vijayavani, launched by VRL Media Ltd under the aegis of logistics baron, Mr. Anand Sankeshwar, launched the first of its 9 editions only in April 2012, and reached the count of 9 within 3 months, by 30th June. It's also the only daily in Karnataka that prints all pages in colour, across all its 9 editions.

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