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94.3 Radio One 'Desi Grooves' Festival' kicks off!

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Bangalore, December 06, 2012

Bangalore will celebrate its biggest Bollywood DESI Festival - The 94.3 Radio One's Desi Grooves Festival during the month of December. Radio One is celebrating its completion of four years of grooving Bengaluru to Desi hits with pomp and masti. The Radio One "DESI GROOVES Festival" will witness a month long celebration with a whole variety of tunes to groove to with their favorite MJs and thrilling music headlined by Bangalore's No.1 music spinner DJ Jasmeet.

The month long festival will kick off on December 7th with "Bhangra Pop Special" followed by the Festival of "Fusion Night" on December 14th; "Desi Christmas" on December 21st and "Revisiting the past" on December 28th.

Day One of the Desi Grooves Festival on December 7th- The "Bhangra Pop Special" will witness two DJs on two Dance Floors, DJ Mohasin on one floor and DJ Vipul on the other. It will be a "Bhangra night" with Dhols beating a different Desi tune.

Day Two of the Festival on December 14th - Fusion Night will showcase DJ Jasmeet and Sufi Singer Abha to create a mesmerizing atmosphere on one floor while DJ Supreet will set up a karaoke console on the other.

Day Three of the Desi Grooves Festival on December 21st - "Desi Christmas": A white party with DJ Sameer and the Beat gurus - guests can either get lost to the Desi flavors of DJ Sameer and the beat Gurus or create their own music with the drums.

Day Four of the Desi Grooves Festival on December 28th- "Revisiting the past":
DJ Sameer will play Bollywood hits from the 1900's to 2000 with all the Radio One MJs. It's a Radio One exclusive where all the Radio One MJs get together to celebrate new years with their fans and listeners from across Bengaluru.

94.3 Radio One Desi Grooves, Radio One's flagship Bollywood show is the only Indian show to make it to the International Radio Festival at Zurich. It is 250 nights old and takes place once a week, every Friday at a renowned lounge bar in the city. The Desi Grooves Festival celebrations will start with a three-week carnival of dancers, visual artists, singers and loads of entertainment. There will also be a chance to win some exciting goodies.

It's the month to paaarty, with dance floors playing crazy Desi music, commercial and progressive as well as house pop and retro. So time to head out and dance on with exotic international dancers and hottest Desi tracks.

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