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'Sandesh' newspaper AR app crosses 1lakh downloads within first 4 days

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National, May 01, 2013

4 days after its launch on April 21st, 'Sandesh Smart' - an augmented reality app that lets Sandesh readers access multimedia contents like videos, slideshows, social media connect, polls, interactive quizzes and much more by simply scanning the newspaper with their Smartphone has seen over 1.05 lakh downloads.

Sandesh has become the first regional newspaper brand in India to bring digital content through its newspaper with the launch of Sandesh Smart - an augmented reality app.

"We are proud to be the first regional newspaper to fully integrate Sandesh Smart into our editorial workflow and bringing the print alive on reader's smart phones" said Mr.Parthiv Patel - Managing Director, Sandesh.

To access the augmented content, Sandesh readers need to download the Sandesh Smart application on their mobiles. Focussing the phone's camera on news reports or pictures in the newspaper (that carry the Sandesh Smart logo) automatically fetches up related videos, slideshows, contests or polls.

As per latest reports, the freeware app was downloaded by as many as 1.05 lac users within just first 4 days of its launch. That's not all. Sandesh Smart augmented visuals released in Sandesh in the first 4 days have received over 3.75 lakh successful scans and engagements.

In Sandesh Smart augmented content, the three most popular categories that have emerged among users are Entertainment, National, Sports and Contest.

Sandesh Smart is available on six major platforms Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian and Java. According to feedback reports, Sandesh Smart is most popular and trending app on the Android and iTunes store.

For the development of Sandesh Smart app, Sandesh has partnered with TELiBrahma, a leading mobile advertising solutions company specializing in augmenting real world context with digital engagements.

How to download and use Sandesh Smart App
Step 1: Download: SMS 'SMART' - 54959 or log on to from the smart phone
Step 2: Scan: Open Sandesh Smart app on your phone and scan pictureLogo s carrying Sandesh Smartby focussing your phone's camera on it.
Step 3: Get More: You will get various options that'll enable you to view and share interesting multimedia content

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