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Talent matters, not gender: says TOI's campaign #NoConditionsApply

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National, March 07, 2017

True freedom comes with a right to choose between 'Yes' and 'No'. But almost half of the country lives with freedom that comes with *conditions apply. Right from her birth, a girl is told what she should do and what she should not. She grows up in an environment where freedom is a permission that is sometimes granted to her, sometimes not. The degree of gender discrimination might change with geographies, communities and affluence. Increasingly, women are rejecting the notion of freedom with *conditions, but it is very much present as a part of our society and unsaid family rules across larger parts of the country.

This International Women's Day, The Times of India brings together multiple voices and discovers inspiring stories where women across the country are winning over *conditions to achieve their aspirations. The campaign is joined by Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Deepa Malik, Shalini Saraswathi, Sakshi Malik and many other achievers who share their stories of how have shattered *conditions put on them to achieve their dreams. The campaign #NoConditionsApply raises pertinent questions as to why the society still has different rules for daughters and sons. Why people expect her to be strong, yet her independent views are trolled. Why people tell her to dream big, but don't allow her to challenge traditions. Why she is expected to work hard, but not have an expectation of equal pay. The crimes against women make it to headlines often, but few see the daylight of true justice. And, in the end, the shame is always a burden for her to bear. Across the country, the rules for men and women are almost always never the same.

The Times of India is celebrating #NoConditionsApply across all its 45+ youth centric supplements like Bombay Times, Delhi Times, Chennai Times, Bangalore Times, Ahmedabad Times, Calcutta Times, Hyderabad Times, Pune Times etc., through inspiring stories of women achievers who have busted the *conditions put on their dreams. The campaign features Delhi's MMA fighters who share what it means to fight-like-a-girl, ace women comedians who quip with smart repartee on sexist comments, Pune's warrior women excelling in Mardani Khel, college theatre groups that blatantly question gender biases and many more unique stories. Flagging off the campaign, Alia Bhatt says "We would've lost so much talent across fields, had women not decided to give their aspirations a shot". Talking about her views on #NoConditionsApply, Priyanka Chopra says "It starts with a bigger conversation around feminism which is about making decisions for ourselves without being judged, and with the same freedom that men have enjoyed for so many years." Deepa Malik shares her secret to beat the conditions, "When you are passionate about something, the whole universe comes together to help. It all starts with faith in yourself and your determination. No conditions apply when it comes to achieving your dreams".

Share your stories and wish every woman you know "Happy Women's Day" and wish her a life in which #NoConditionsApply. Show your support, share your stories and spread the message at and tag your friends, family and partner. Because when everyone joins the conversation, she will live free.

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