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TVS Star City+ Scores High Conversions With Innovative Moment Marketing Campaign

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National, August 09, 2017

ICC Champions Trophy is one of the big events in a country that adores cricket, both viewers and brands alike. In a dynamic environment like this, media clutter becomes a norm and brands pay exorbitant amounts just to be noticed for a mere 30s or less. However, where there's a will, there's always a window of opportunity. TVS Star City+ seized this opportunity to come up with a campaign that enabled them to reach out to over 1.8m unique users across 5 matches.

With 100s of brands clogging the TV and digital media space, TVS required an out of the box strategy to ensure it made an impact on the audience and drove brand engagement during the ICC Champions Trophy. To boost the impact, OMD along with Silverpush crafted a unique strategy of owning in-game moments IN REAL TIME sync and amplifying the same on leading digital media platforms.

Digital platforms are fast thriving to become a top focus among users, case-in-point - every 60s on Facebook, 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded. Being available during these moments of distraction or celebration allows brands to make a connection with an audience who is already in a similar frame of mind thereby making the ads more relatable.

The planning ensured that TVS Star City+ possessed all the key moments during the home team match including 4s, 6s, wickets and especially when MS Dhoni (brand ambassador of TVS Star City+) was batting. Never before had a brand owned a moment on digital in sync with the brand ambassador's presence on TV. The creative assets designed were crisp, witty and in sync with the moment they wished to highlight. These action-based ads were deployed across Facebook and Silverpush audience network when these moments were detected.

This campaign is an example of how brands can really ride on the impact wave spawned on digital, by capturing key moments during national events on television. The campaign delivered over 2.5m exposures, reached out to 1.8m unique users, and mostly importantly gained 825 potential buyers (leads) for the brand. All in a span of 5 days!

OMD the agency involved in designing and planning this campaign has been recognized as Global Media Agency of the Year 11 Times. They strongly believe in developing impactful media and marketing programs across an ever-changing platform. The TVS Star City+ team, based out of India, conceptualized and materialized this idea with the help of Silverpush and their real time ad sync technology.

Silverpush, a pioneer in TV to mobile advertising in India, launched Parallels in March last year. With its ground-breaking technology in real time ad detection and delivery across leading media platforms, it has won many recognitions and awards during the year. The latest being 'The Next Big Thing' at ad:tech India 2017 - read more.

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