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Saral Jeevan to celebrate Independence Day with the launch of new programs and App

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Media Brief
National, August 11, 2017

The 1st infotainment channel of Kannada, that surprised the market with disruptive programming and excellent time spent, is back with season 2 of its prime time properties. Starting from 14th August, season 2 of History & Jnanapada will go on air. Other 2 developments, as part of enhancing the channel's reach, are Saral Jeevan App (on Android & iOS platforms) and channel's addition on Videocon d2h.

HISTORY 2 (Mon - Sat. 7.30pm): Season 2 of History series is focused on British India and motherlands' struggle for freedom. Biographies of legendary personalities, incidents that shook the nation, diehard spirit of freedom fighters, revolutionary movement that shaped the 1947 freedom etc. are presented in a series of episodes. In-depth research has
been done by Saral Jeevan team for several months to deliver these insightful episodes. Usage of relevant imagery and graphics are used to convey the essence of the story effectively.

JNANAPADA SEASON 2 (Mon - Sat. 10.30pm): A compilation of highly motivating & inspiring folk songs of Kannada, which are humming tunes for decades. The program brings together who is who of the singers on one stage. 1st time such a program is on Kannada TV. Each episode is centered on a theme, and songs are composed with singers and live orchestra, as per the theme. Presentation of relevant imagery and graphics assure emotional quotient.

SARAL JEEVAN App: to be available on both Android & iOS platforms, the APP allows the viewers to catch the live TV on the go. It also has VoD access with plenty of their favorite program videos conveniently placed under 9 categories. SARAL JEEVAN ON Videocon d2h: Saral Jeevan is now available on Videocon d2h as well (#686). This is apart from
channel's availability on TATA Sky (#1641) and 100% connectivity on cable networks across the state.

"Our programs are inspired by Indian heritage and culture. As a factual infotainment channel, History is a key part of our content. British India and the freedom struggle is a major series that deserves to be presented to Kannada viewers. One and half year since the launch, today we know the pulse of Kannada viewers in infotainment genre. Hence the launch of season 2 of these properties." says Raghunatha Reddy, Business Head of Saral Jeevan.

"Programs like Lord Rama's epic journey as Mahapayana, Ajji Kathe (Grandmother Tales), History, Dr. BM Hegde's Nimma Arogya have already set the bench mark. So viewer's expectations are high on our new programs. We are sure that 2 nd season of History and Jnanapada will exceed viewers' expectations." adds MS Raghavendra, Editor of Saral
Jeevan and also the host of History 2 series.

Saral Jeevan telecasts non-fiction programming with a focus on mythology, history, travel and insights from Indian heritage & culture. Channel philosophy is to present inspiring, motivational and factual content that is positive in nature. Saral Jeevan is a full-fledged satellite channel available across MSOs in Karnataka. The channel is part of CG Parivar Global Vision, founded by Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji, who is the pioneer of Saral Vaastu.

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