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MY FM brings Silent Garba to Gujarat

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Mumbai, September 26, 2017

People across Gujarat are all geared up for Navratri with a lot of enthusiasm, and, music and dance remains the highlight of season. But the imposition of noise bans by government post 12 am dampened the spirit a little. Looking at this situation, MY FM came up with an innovative idea that is allowing people to dance the night away without any interruption what-so-ever.

Silent Garba is when the music is played through a console and all the Garba dancers are given headphones which are connected to the console via Bluetooth and thus everybody is in sync at the same time. Instead of loud music and open air orchestras, the music is played on headphones given to every individual and this goes on till late in the night.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Harrish Bhatia, ‎Chief Executive Officer, MY FM, said, "This is another unique initiative, we know how much the people of Gujarat love their Garba and how much they love to dance the night away. I am really happy that we could come in and provide a solution for them through 'Silent Garba'. Our way of spreading happiness."

Remarking on the initiative, Viplove Gupte, Chief Programming Officer, MY FM, said,"Silent Garba is another innovation that we at MY FM are proud to present. It is unique in a very celebratory way. Since the music plays in the ears of dancers, there is no external DJ/ Garba singer/ orchestra is required. Initially when we approached the societies with the proposal, we met up with a lot of scepticism as people were not sure about the concept. Staunch garba loyalist also scoffed saying, this is against the spirit of Garba and without the music blaring from loudspeakers there will be no garba but when we reached out to the elders of the society, they welcomed us with open arms.

Our attempt is to make the concept so popular that soon every body can enjoy Garba without causing anybody else any kind of discomfort and this is possible in India only because we love our celebrations....loud and clear with utmost fun."

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