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Will Patanjalis Bhajan Reality Show Bhajan Ratna Cut It

Will Patanjali's Bhajan Reality Show 'Bhajan Ratna' Cut It?

The show will be broadcast on Aastha Channel soon. ... Read more


Chandrasekar Radhakrishnan

Chandrasekar Radhakrishnan, (Head of communications and eCommerce, Nestlé India)

"We are not running an entertainment business": Chandrasekar Radhakrishnan, Nestlé

When it comes to marketing, every multi-national corporate has its own mantra. And typically, it's a textbook-ish one-liner that doesn't exactly make a journalist grab her pen and jot it down. At Nestlé, they call it 'Brand building the Nestlé way'.

But during the course of an hour-long interview at his Gurgaon office, Chandrasekar Radhakrishnan, head of communications and eCommerce, Nestlé India, brought this seemingly bland line to life by explaining what it means to market products the Nestlé way. ... Read More

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