Ad-land rebels against stereotypes

Ad-land rebels against stereotypes

Of late, every other ad out there is centred on a progressive theme with a story-line that busts a stereotype. Here's our pick of the recent lot. ... Read more


Sandeep Bhushan

Sandeep Bhushan, (Director, Facebook India and South Asia)

"It's designed to get advertisers to rethink their consumers' journey", Sandeep Bhushan, Facebook, on new study with KPMG

Today, consumers demand the utmost convenience while transacting and could abandon their purchase journeys at the slightest discomfort. This consumer drop-off from the purchase journey is referred to as 'Friction'. Facebook announced the release of its 'Zero Friction Future' report, put together by KPMG, which aims to define, understand and solve friction in purchase journeys to unlock new avenues for business growth. ... Read More

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