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IPL and General Election: Competing for public attention?

Is the IPL, scheduled to begin on April 16, competing with the ongoing general election for public 'mindspace'? afaqs! finds out.

Due to the general election, and the security necessary for it, the initial matches of the seventh edition of the IPL will be held in the UAE instead of India. But the IPL is competing with the elections for more than just physical, logistics related issues.

Sure, one can't compare apples and oranges - especially when the purpose and scale is this different - but there's no denying that these two very different national events are currently vying for attention from the same Indian consumer.

We asked industry experts whether the IPL is competing with the elections for public attention, and deliberately refrained from specifying whether the article was being written from the perspective of advertising, TV viewership, engagement across other media channels such as print, or even from the perspective of consumers' thoughts in general.

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