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A global TVC for Allianz has vignettes from various countries in which the brand has a presence, showing how insurance can be applied to real life situations. Allianz has launched this global effort first in India. TBWA is the agency on the account

When it

comes to corporate ads for global companies, it seems 'glocal' (global meets local) is the way to go. Insurance major Allianz obviously subscribes to this school of thought. Allianz has rolled out a TVC which leverages its international pedigree, while trying to appeal individually to each of the countries where it has a presence.

It has done this by creating about 20 vignettes or short stories, each originating from a country in which it has a presence. These vignettes depict everyday situations in which people may feel the need for financial security. As Allianz has a presence in 60-70 countries, its agencies in each country will decide which vignettes will best connect with the local TG. After each country chooses its own mix, these vignettes will be put together and aired in the respective countries, thus leading to a sort of customisation of the ad for each market.

A young man ponders over his father in law's expectations from him. Super: Solutions to protect you and your family.

A man fights with another over his car. Super: Reliable coverage on the road.

A woman worries about her return on investment. Super: Quality investment solutions.

A newly wedded bride enters her new house. Super: Financial security for your family.

A man with his grandchildren thinks on how good it feels to have made the right kind of decisions.

A voiceover concludes, 'Solutions from A to Z'. Super: In India as Bajaj Allianz.
Allianz made its presence felt in India a few years ago when it entered into a partnership with Bajaj to set up Bajaj Allianz. Says Narayan Kumar, executive director, TBWA India (the agency on Bajaj Allianz), "In Europe and Asia, Allianz is as big a brand as Reliance Industries is in India, and it was time to make this scale of operations felt in all its markets."

The Indian version of the ad, which recently went on air, is a composite of five stories. It opens on the shot of a young man in conversation with his father-in-law. He inwardly ponders on the expectations the old man has from him regarding his family. The super reads: 'Solutions to protect you and your family'. While that is the story of a foreigner, the next vignette is that of two Indian men fighting after their cars collide (super: 'Reliable coverage on the road'.)

Next, an Afro-American woman is shown working on her laptop, wishing that her investments worked as hard as she does. (Super: 'Quality investment solutions'.) The fourth story is an Indian one again, and has a new bride entering her married home amidst customary rituals. As the husband thinks of protecting his wife forever, a super appears: 'Financial security for your family'. Lastly, an old man is shown interacting happily with his grandchildren and a voiceover concludes: "It feels good to have made the right decisions. Financial solutions from A to Z. Allianz." (Super: 'In India as Bajaj Allianz'.)

According to Kumar of TBWA, this ad is almost like a visiting card for Allianz, as it represents the brand's core belief that people around the world are essentially the same. For this, a marriage of local and international flavours was necessary. Through short stories with a human touch, Allianz has tried to prove that it is a global brand that understands cultural significances and local needs.

The two Indian situations contributed by TBWA India were chosen for their relevance to the local market. The marriage vignette, for instance, was used to communicate how rituals are important in India. The car sequence too, is an insight from everyday life.

Kumar points out another interesting aspect about this piece of communication. "While insurance ads in India are quite emotional and deal with the 'why insurance' part," he says, "the Allianz ad has deliberately tried to address the 'how insurance' question." This has been done by depicting various situations where the need for insurance arises, and using the supers to explain how it can be fulfilled. TBWA's Disruption Tool helped in coming up with these concepts, says Kumar.

The Allianz ad is at present airing only in India and other countries will take up their respective versions later. Kumar explains that India was chosen to be the first because the January to March period is peak business time for insurance companies in the country. The ad is airing on most news and business channels, as the target group is mainly opinion leaders, businessmen and other professionals.

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