Lux adopts five outdoor innovations for new variants

By Surina Sayal , afaqs!, Mumbai | In OOH News
Last updated : July 08, 2008
The soap brand has launched outdoor innovations in the form of innovative billboards and building wraps for its new variants - Strawberry & Cream and Peach & Cream


Unilever Ltd (HUL) has gone all out to promote the new variants of Lux, Strawberry & Cream and Peach & Cream. It has launched five different outdoor innovations, including attention grabbing innovative billboards and building wraps.

The idea was to connect with the consumer insight of liking to feel soft and smooth skin. The campaign, Lux Diva, has innovations like 3D cut-out billboards, mechanised billboards, double-decker billboards, magic mirror standees and a building drape.

The 3D cut-out billboard has the 'cream' splashing out of the hoarding. The background glows with a red aura, creating a mesmerising effect. The mechanised billboard has a static cut-out of actor Priyanka Chopra and a rotating cut-out of cream splashing, combined with external lighting which delivers a kaleidoscopic effect. The double-decker billboard shows a jug of cream being poured from one hoarding into the other. The magic mirror standee works on sensory technology, which when seen from a distance, displays the Lux ad. On coming closer, the ad on the mirror disappears partially to reflect the viewer's face.

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The 3D cut-outs, mechanised hoardings and double-decker hoardings were carried out in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata for 21 days. The magic mirror standee has been put up in select multiplexes in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune for a month.

An innovative building drape was put up on a tall building at the Mahim-Bandra crossing in Mumbai. The drape resembled a building, with men hanging outside their windows and climbing onto the side of the structure to reach out to Chopra. The drape read 'The Side Effects of Tempting Skin'. The execution was so real that one could easily confuse the drape with a real building. The campaign was executed by OgilvyAction, along with the creative team.

Shrikant Srinivasa Madhvan, general manager, skin cleansing, HUL, applauds the agency's effort in making this campaign larger than life. He says, "The outdoor innovations have broken through the clutter and helped build high recall among the target audience. The building wrap, 3D cut-out hoardings and the rotating cut-outs with kaleidoscopic lighting effect are truly outstanding."

Madhvan adds that the concept of the rotating mechanised billboard will now be replicated in other countries like Indonesia. He says, "This is yet another classic example of our team in India contributing successfully to global idea generation and implementation."

First Published : July 08, 2008
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