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Last updated : August 21, 2014
Emami's deodorant brand, HE, has launched a social media campaign titled 'Who is He?' in order to engage with the youth.

HE Deodorants has begun a Facebook-led social media campaign where it has created an app themed 'Interesting Man Today' making the user, the hero. The idea of this campaign is to build curiosity for the brand, among users.

Rajiv Dingra

The campaign can be seen here.

WATConsult has executed the campaign. Once the user logs in, he learns about the traits of an interesting man through a video which stars Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan. The video highlights several points: An interesting man believes that it's better to regret things that you do, than regret what you didn't do. There are two ways in life, one is easy and He chooses the interesting way.

The video basically hints at the fact that HE deodorant is for the people who want to make things happen and not just let them happen. As the video progresses, the fan learns that he is the interesting man. The video is a smart application, which integrates the user's specific information in the video where he begins to see his own details such as name, date of birth, where he's studied or worked. It also shows some of his interesting pictures.

The communication objective was to let the user know that he doesn't have to embody anyone to be interesting; all he has to do is be himself. Through this campaign, the brand aims to get users involved by personalising the campaign so that they can share the video on their Facebook timelines giving the brand good word of mouth.

Rajiv Dingra, founder and CEO, WATConsult, says, "HE is a brand that urges you to be interesting. Hence, we felt that a social app that tells people all the interesting things they had done, would be apt. It's a great way for a brand to not only customize its brand message but also personalise it as per the consumer. In the end, we are all interesting in some way."

The brand believes that the youth today has been coerced into taking roles and personalities of the people they hero-worship which is an unending list from sports stars, to actors, to musicians.

HE Deodorants comes in six different variants - Ruler, Smart, Confident, Extrovert, Magician and Recharge. Other brands from the Emami stable are Boroplus, Navratna, Zandu, Fair and Handsome, Menthol Plus, Fast Relief, Zandu Sona Chandi, Kesari Jivan, Vasocare and others.

First Published : August 21, 2014
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