Productivity pays as Samsung manufactures one million CTVs

With its emphasis on productivity, Samsung India has achieved the distinction of becoming the first MNC to produce one million colour televisions in India.

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Samsung India has achieved the enviable record of producing one million colour television sets (CTVs), making it the first multinational to arrive at the magic figure since liberalization was set in motion in the country.

And as a double treat, the feat has enabled Samsung India to become the first Samsung subsidiary outside Korea to attain such productivity levels. What makes the achievement even more commendable is the fact that Samsung started production of CTVs in May 1997. Which means that the company has managed nudging the one-million mark in just over three years.

According to company sources, productivity has been a catchphrase at Samsung India for quite some time now. Recently, it even received the 'Quadruple productivity flag' from its head office for the productivity achievement of 44-sets-per-day per employee.

Indicative of the 'high productivity' path is the fact that Samsung produced the first five lakh sets in its first two years, while the second five lakh sets were produced in one year alone.

In keeping with its commitment to high yield, the company is now in the process of setting up another production line for CTVs of 25 inches and above. The line has an estimated outlay of $100 thousand and has a production capacity of 200-sets per day.

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First Published : August 05, 2000

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