IDFC urges people to plan their dreams

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Last updated : February 13, 2016 11:32 AM
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The company's campaign 'Dil ke Ameer' motivates people to turn their dreams into a financial plan.

What has your heart yearned for all these years? Trekking across high-altitudes, sun-bathing on an exotic island, or learning a new language? A question IDFC Mutual Fund asks consumers through its 'Dil ke Ameer' campaign. It is a collaborative effort with agencies across media including TBWA/India, Bombay Design Centre, Flarepath Digital and Indigo having worked on it.

Rishi Kakar

The campaign 'Dil ke Ameer' has been creatively executed by TBWA/India. An interactive microsite has been created by digital creative Agency, Bombay Design Centre where a user is asked questions on something they wanted to do, a place they wanted to visit, an experience he/she wants to have, and something they want to own.

The microsite provides a set of six options to choose from, following which a customised shareable video is created for each individual. It can be shared both on social media, as well as on email.

IDFC Dil ke ameer

According to Rishi Kakar, director - marketing, IDFC Mutual Fund, the campaign is aimed at increasing the relevance of mutual fund as a product category of choice when it comes to saving and investing.

"Our life's narrative is shaped by events that make our lives worth living. The ability of the IDFC brand is to make people's dreams into a plan and make it a positive powerful force to shape the story of their lives. This has been the insight behind the campaign," explains Kakar.

The campaign targets anyone, across age, gender and demographic, who has a dream and the desire to start investing his/her money to make it real.

"The website is a beautiful engaging experience of all those things that you most cherish in your life. The experience of watching your dreams in the form of a personalised video and sharing it with your friends and family is an inspiring and reflective moment. While the current campaign is digital only, the insight and idea is scalable into other mediums including mass media, hence building relevance for mutual funds as a category," adds Shwetal Mehta, senior marketing manager, IDFC Mutual Fund.

Kakar shares that the low-category awareness and entry barriers to the category related to short-term market fluctuations pose the biggest challenges to category growth. IDFC's marketing effort is to make customers focus on a longer-term horizon, and this is borne out once again by this campaign.
"Educating customers on how to look at investing attitudinally or behaviourally is the single biggest contribution that marketing can make towards increasing awareness and keeping customers within the category for life," he asserts.

The campaign's Facebook promotion was handled by Indigo while the rest of the digital media activity was executed by Flarepath Digital. #IDFCDilKeAmeer trended both on India and Mumbai Trends on February 1 while #DilKeAmeer trended first on India Trends on Febraury 8. #IDFCDilKeAmeer trended both on India and Mumbai Trends on February 1 while #DilKeAmeer trended first on India Trends on Febraury 8.

The Twitter leg of the campaign was also supported by influencers such as MusingsOfaBombayGirl, Arvind Passey, and Dilli Wali Masakali who helped boost the reach.

The agency claims to have achieved a reach of 7.5 million and interaction of over nine thousand.

First Published : February 13, 2016 11:32 AM
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