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Storyboard: Saffola Gold
Category: Confections | Snacks | Foods

In pursuit of a better health, a man starts exercising. Keeping tab of his efforts, he counts, samosa ek, samosa do....

Cut to this guy in a gym who's all determined to cut that extra flab. His strength comes from reciting, gulab jamun, gulab jamun.

Without forgetting his favourite
jalebi a man seems hell-bent
on reducing weight with the
help of a skipping rope.

Two men in a park meet with the same ambition of staying fit. Even as they remain single-minded towards their goal, butter chicken and...

... aalo poori do not go away from their minds. VO: Aap khilaye oily khaana, unhe pade pachhtana. Apnaiye Saffola Gold with Losorb technology.

Aapke oil ke mukable 22% tak kam absorb hota hai. Closing shot of a healthy family using Saffola Gold. VO: Saffola Gold. Oil kam, pachhtava kam.

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