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Exclusive Live telecast of Nehru Trophy Boat Race on Amrita TV

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Thiruvananthapuram, August 08, 2008

Amrita TV will do the exclusive satellite Live telecast of the 56th Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2008, termed as India’s Water Olympiad, on August 9, 2008 from 2 pm.

Seven state-of-the-art cameras backed up by a 55-member crew team of Amrita TV will be capturing the frenzied action across the 1400-metre long race track in the famed Punnamada Lake at Alappuzha, known as the Venice of the East

What is most noteworthy about this event is that all the types of participating boats, have evolved over centuries for different purposes and are inextricably linked with the very fabric of life of the people of this idyllic town

The sleek, eel-like, 100 feet long Chundans or snake boats, which had the speed and maneuverability to glide swiftly over the water and could seat over a hundred able-bodied men were the Navy boats of the erstwhile Rajas of Alappuzha. Iruttukuthi( literally meaning “slicing through the darkness”) battle ships used to ferry soldiers under the cover of the night ; Veppu Valloms for carrying food and supplies for the navy; Churulans , the pleasure boats of the rich nobility are all medium sized boats in the 25-30 metre range.

Sixteen ‘Chundans’, the fifty one and a half ‘kol’ long famed snake boats whose crew size has been fixed at 97 after the Nehru Trophy gained official recognition have pride of place in the Race. A total of seventeen 'Iruttukuthies', the fastest of the medium sized lot; four ‘Churulans’ ; sixteen ‘Veppu Vallams’ with eleven in the 50-seater A grade and five in the 30-seater B grade will be pitted against each other amidst the rhythmic chanting of the ‘Vanchippattu’ , the beat of the drums and the roar of the crowds .

More than a hundred thousand spectators, from around the world are expected to line up the palm fringed shores of the Punnamada to watch the battle of the boats.Top officials from central and state governments and celebrities will be the guests of honour

An exclusive ‘Royal Pavilion’ has been set up at the venue of the regatta, with each of the exclusive ten seats costing lakh each which have been snapped up by the tourists.

All primetime news bulletins of Amrita TV have been carrying special news stories about the Nehru Trophy Race for the past one week. The Live telecast will be interspersed with interesting facts about past boat races and special graphics to display the results of the race in every lane.

Leading organizations who have shown interest in partnering with Amrita TV for internet streaming for worldwide audiences are Google(YouTube),,, among others.

For further information, please contact:
A. Sushil Kumar

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