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Dilip Chhabria's GAIA wows Geneva Motor Show

Company press release, March 5, 2003
New Delhi

Dilip Chhabria has done it again. The ace car stylist from India reinforced his strong presence in the international design arena by showcasing the only concept car from India at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show currently being held in Switzerland. The concept car DC GAIA-- sharing the limelight with other entries from internationally acclaimed design houses-- has captivated the visitors to the show with its outstanding design and inimitable style.

Commenting on the overwhelming response to DC GAIA-- Dilip Chhabria said-- "It is a matter of great pride for us to represent India and showcase our design capabilities to the who's who of the global auto industry. It usually takes companies with revenues in excess of USD one billion to build concept cars. But it is the passion for excellence that keeps us going and inspires us to repeatedly benchmark ourselves against the leading global players and prove that we can not only stand at par with European design houses-- but also often deliver better results. The DC GAIA is one such outcome of this undying spirit that drives everybody at DC Design."

The DC GAIA-- an extreme sports car-- draws its inspiration from the Bentley Blower and Bugatti Royale-- icons of a bygone era famed for their power and beauty. This car recreates the same magic in a modern-- distinctive and original package. Based on the Mitsubishi EVO8-- the design is targeted to impress the most discerning automotive enthusiasts. The aluminium machined inserts incorporated into the bumpers reflect the cars of bygone eras. Huge 22-inch wheels fill the massive arches and give the Gaia an unbelievable side profile. Extremely tight overhangs and a 'pinched in corners' rear highlight the rest of the car. The front intends to be truckish and bold in appearance; giving a 'wicked' effect.

The interior reflects single surfaces-- much like minimalist Italian furniture. The subtle lines are brought alive by bright colours. Angular aluminium accents dominate and serve to relieve the monotony of large surfaces. A thin maple strip gives life to the metal dominated interiors. The interiors are completely hand crafted in the finest leather and also feature a central information screen.

The Geneva Motor Show is known for its long standing tradition of showing an abundance of concept cars to the industry-- the press and the public. Geneva displays a product mix and design ethic that is very European but clearly tilting toward the International. The Geneva show is also known for its manageable size and elegant presentation.

About DC Design
Dilip Chhabria-- an alumni from the Art Center-- USA-- set up DC Design for providing design related services to the automotive industry. The company has successfully handled varied product designs from the 100cc Honda motorcycle to the topline E class Mercedes Benz-- honing its skill sets across the spectrum with an extremely dynamic matrix of products and clients. DC Design's clients in India include Telco-- M&M-- Bajaj Tempo-- Toyota and Ford. It is through this expertise that DC Design-- led by Chhabria-- has built up its competency.

Surekha Pillai (IPAN)
Phone: 011-2375 5192/3/5

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