How and why these two agencies bought themselves back from IPG

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, November 13, 2017
In two developments that went against the general tide, Bailey and TM Advertising regained their independence - and have done well too.
Dailey Advertising managing partners Jean Grabow and Bill Waldner

Dailey Advertising, which IPG had owned for more than 30 years, completed a buyback last February after the holding group approached the agency with an offer following a series of strategic discussions.

Dallas-based TM Advertising soon followed suit, buying itself back from IPG in May after 16 years with plans to leave its existing relationship with McCann by April 2018.

Why did they do it? For TM Advertising, it was a case of "just two different organizations wanting two different things." In the case of Dailey, it was "wanted to nurture the culture the agency already had as a strong branding agency."

As traditional models seem to have run their course, the path to long-term success for smaller agencies no longer runs exclusively through one of the Big Five holding groups. The moving away of Dailey and TM is probably the beginning of a wave.

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