Old Spice's new ads could 'influence' mothers too

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, July 12, 2017
If boys think something is 'cool', mothers don't and if mothers like something, boys know it can't be 'cool'. Old Spice's latest ads seems to have satisfied both.
Old spice

Marketing to teenage boys and advertising to mothers meet in the latest ad for Old Spice. Called the Wild Collection, it is targeted to bring both mothers and their teenage sons under the same tent.

Two months ago, Old Spice made a giant robotic sea animal. The idea was for viewers to teach a giant eight-tentacled robotic Kraken sea beast how to navigate the squishy steps from adolescence to adulthood. Old Spice had a game for that.

The entire exercise was to celebrate the launch of Old Spice's latest manly scent, Krakengard. Carrying the manly scent campaign forward, the new ads from the P&G brand poke fun at teenage boy- and mom-targeted advertising. It parodies both.

Three years ago, Old Spice and its agency Wieden+Kennedy came up with an amusing and popular hit called Momsong. It had mothers lamenting how Old Spice had sprayed their boys into men. Now the brand has brought back the mother-son theme.

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Source : http://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/old-spice-finally-made-some-ridiculous-ads-that-both-teen-boys-and-their-moms-can-love/