Apple joins Instagram. But will it use it?

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, August 09, 2017
After being ambivalent about social media for long, Apple's move to join Instagram has created excitement.

It has a Twitter page that it has never tweeted from. It has a Facebook page that is blank. So how is Apple going to treat Instagram that it recently joined up for?

Just as the "Shot on iPhone" billboards, print ads and video spots do, the @apple Instagram account will feature content captured by iPhone users, curated by Apple. Each post is credited back to the Instagram account of its creator. To begin with, Apple has made eight posts, each of which feature content from five users. So far that has translated into 40 users.

After resisting social media for so long, Apple deemed it fit to go for Instagram because of the community element that is at the heart of the 'Shot on iPhone' campaign.

However, isn't using social media as an extension of a traditional campaign a conservative step? The days ahead will reveal what Apple has in mind.

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