The blind photographer and the new Volkswagen Arteon

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, August 10, 2017
German ad agency Grabar & Partner used a blind photographer's deft camera work to showcase the Volkswagen Arteon.

Pete Eckert is a photographer who re-discovered his mother's camera just when he was going blind 30 years ago. And that probably explains his one-of-a-kind photographic endeavours. He is a visual person who "just cannot see".

'Light paintings' is how the photographer himself terms his approach to photography. The agency felt that it would a be a striking way to present the new Volkswagen car. Eckert used brightly coloured flash lights and long-exposure techniques to frame the Arteon as a marvel of modern design. In some 'paintings', the car looks to be generating sparks or appears as a kind of mirage whose physical form is not quite clear.

The Aerton (a fastback luxury sedan) went on sale in the UK two days ago. And Eckert's classy 10-image presentation would seem to be a fitting launch vehicle for the model.

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