This basketball team's social media experience holds promise for Indian leagues

By afaqs! news bureau, Mumbai, April 20, 2017
Here is an example of how teams can urge their fans to turn up in the park.

The scoreboard may not be the only indicator that a team is winning. Ticket sales too show up the selling power that a team commands. In India, as football, kabaddi, badminton and hockey are leagues that have settled in, is there something more that teams can do to ensure that the tickets are bought by their fans? The marketing team of the Portland Trail Blazers went about it in a concerted manner to ensure that.

The professional basketball team used CRM data and segmentation on facebook to find the right buyer for its games. From a heavy reliance on traditional marketing methods such as billboards, print ads, radio or television, the Portland Trail Blazers moved to digital and a more 'measurable' method.

The plan was to get to the single ticket buyer first. In its Facebook campaign, the Trail Blazers used the Custom Audience feature to segment its customers by past buying history. That aside, the Blazers used the Lookalike Audience feature to target new customers who resemble their existing fans. A variety of ads too was used. Between September and December last year, the Trail Blazers generated a 21X return on ad spend, a 63 per cent lower cost per view than other channels and a 77 per cent higher return on ad spend than other channels.

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