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Masks for self-expression, sanitisers as conversation starters?

'Unlocked' consumers and the changes we'll possibly see in their daily behaviour - some fun musings and scenarios.
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Creative brief in the age of TL;DR

As millennials and Gen Zers take over creative departments across agencies, is the creative brief, as we know it, good enough? Or, can it get better?
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Hygiene, the next big consumer trend?

The heightened sense of hygiene will create new challenges for brands, not only in the service sector, but also in the manufacturing sector
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If there was ever a time to cheat on your brand...

What happens to brand loyalty when supply drives purchase, questions Anchit Chauhan, when he is forced to buy a toothpaste (brand) he otherwise wouldn't have bought
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Meet the passionate, self-reliant, eco-friendly, brand-aware binger...

Here are some of the ways in which the behaviour of the Indian consumer might evolve in the imminent future.