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Kuch kuch hota hai, after seeing this ad

The celebrity mismatch for match making. Karan Johar promoting inter-alumni marriages? Seriously?
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The big shift: From advertising creating influencers to influencers creating advertising

Are we missing the big shift in influence that is changing advertising?
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Are brands ready to tackle the transparency, purity and science obsessed consumer?

The rise of consumer activists, vigilantes, micro-authority consumers, who’re turning kitchens, bathrooms into labs, courtrooms.
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Dear non-hygiene, non-germ kill, non-immunity brands...

What are brands you never associated with hygiene, germ kill, or immunity doing in this room?
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Rise of the Erin Brockovich consumer

Glow & Lovely has brought the ingredient story into the spotlight. The label on the pack has never been more important.