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Guest Article

The light of branding insights from 'The Dark Knight'

Batman has risen once again to protect Gotham City. Here's what the character's journey can teach brand marketers.

Breaking the chains of female typecasting

Despite the progress in the 21st century, the portrayal of women in Indian advertising still leaves much to be desired.
Guest Article

Branding darshans from Lord Ganesha

Vinay Kanchan delves into the branding lessons Ganesh Chaturthi, one of India's most loved festivals, has to offer.
Guest Article

Turning down the volume

The author talks about the lack of middle ground in most aspects of our lives these days.
Guest Article

When Hari met Solly...

With Valentine's Day around the corner, our guest author talks about how brands forge the idea of a relationship, especially among the younger lot.
Guest Article

Why good branding needs bad villains...

About good brands taking on the bad and ugly.
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I have a joke on brand communication…

… but there’s no budget for it. What lessons can brand marketers derive from this kind of ‘memetic activity’?
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Lord Krishna and the art of account planning

Given the mythological serial - 'Mahabharat' - being retelecasted on TV, here's what Lord Krishna can teach about the craft of account planning...
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An examination of our own pandemics

This piece is not meant to raise hackles, or kindle a sense of déjà vu. It’s merely to add some cheer and much-needed humour in these current times.
Guest Article

Knocking out challenges with the 1-2 combination

A perspective on cutting through the inanities and clutter, and arriving at sharper, more powerful and promising ideas.