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"Does afaqs! Marketplace guarantee new business?"

That’s the commonest question we’ve got asked about the platform which helps marketers find communication partners. The story behind the answer is a little bit longer.

Google Maps and Amitabh Bachchan: A lethal combination?

There have been widespread media reports that the star might possibly become the voice for this popular app, guiding us around the streets of India. Would users like that?
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Will the Indian middle class finally embrace DIY culture?

As Indians, we believe that if we pay adequately, somebody will do the dirty work for us. But has more than a month of sweeping and dusting without any help changed our view of physical work?
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Can your business survive the financial cost of social distancing?

Airlines will not be able to fill their planes to capacity and restaurants will have to reduce the number of tables. Social distancing is a necessary but expensive business. Will companies be able to bear the burden?
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The call of the office (and other such things outside)

Ever since the lockdown, brand advertising has been focused on the ‘sweet home’ theme. That idea has run its course. Brands should refocus on people wanting to get back to life outside
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Is this really a good time to publish and be damned?

There is growing news about salary cuts and job losses. Why is most of it about media companies? What about agencies and other creative firms? And how should afaqs! cover this?
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The maths of going from Rs 320 crore to Rs 1,920 crore in four years

Can the Rs 4,000-crore Viacom18 really grow its digital revenue 6X rapidly? Company boss Sudhanshu Vats explains why and how it can be done.
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Zoom's valuation surges to $42 billion in the wake of Covid-19...

What is Zoom? Hint: Not referring to cars. Why has this this video conferencing app become a worldwide rage among smartphone users in recent weeks?
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Winners and Losers: Stay-at-home vs Step-out-of-home economies

At a broad level, the competition is for consumer time – and if the consumer is going out less, she is staying in more. Who gains and who loses?

Sexual harassment, statistically speaking

Men accused in the Indian #MeToo movement were 35-44 years old when they committed the offence. Three out of four live in Mumbai. Nearly half of them are repeat offenders.