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Tribal DDB India to handle online duties for Nike’s football site

The Indian version of Nike’s football fan site is being developed by Tribal DDB India

Hang us if we fail you, says

With ‘Humne toda vaada, to pay only aadha’ as its slogan, in its new TVC, MMT promises travellers that they need pay only half the cost of their holiday if it does not meet with their expectations

HCL starts De-War in viral campaign

The technology company has launched an online video that borrows from the 1970s blockbuster, Deewar
Digital gives Facebook users some Faltoo Flicks

The Facebook application lets users moan and laugh about B-grade movies and subject their friends to them

Reliance Power on your caller tune: Always on

As part of the Reliance Power campaign, Reliance Communications set its ad jingle as the default caller ringback tone of several million Reliance subscribers. Is this within the parameters of permission based marketing?

Nat Geo, Lufthansa launch cross-media campaign, micro site for Genius

The channel is promoting its new series on mass media and a micro site which features games and videos

A windfall for Zapak gamers

The online gaming website has launched a new campaign on radio, television and online to attract more gamers to the site by offering them cash rewards for playing games

IAMAI Digital Summit 2008: Bright future envisioned for search marketing, gaming

Panellists shared insights on the evolution of search engine marketing and touted online gaming as the driver of broadband penetration in India

IAMAI India Digital Summit 2008: ‘There is no such thing as an offline agency’

The second session discussed behavioural targeting, while the fourth session talked of online and offline media

Bluetooth marketing: It’s time to catch the signal

Mobile marketing offers a number of options, one of which is Bluetooth marketing. But are Indian brands interested?