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"Rudy, you rockstar..." writes close friend in a moving tribute

Close friend and marketer Karan Kumar pens down a heartfelt memoir for Rudratej Singh who passed away yesterday.
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Marketing in the brave new world

The ongoing pandemic will force fundamental changes in human behaviour. How will these changes affect businesses and marketers?
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Should brands recruit psychologists?

A seasoned marketer presents his arguments.
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Thank you for being digitally dense

Can consumers of digital natives outsource their responsibility towards digital literacy and data vigilance?
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All that fuss about 'brand buzz'

Is the marketer's confused enthusiasm the bane that plagues most 'buzz campaigns'?
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Comedy is serious brand business

Does the comedian represent the newest and most compelling skill set a brand needs to help chart is success journey?
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Marketing in the era of 'deceptive' engagement

Has 'bot wrath' and artificial Intelligence cast a permanent shadow on all social media campaigns, starting with Twitter?
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Is the 'full-service creative agency' a relic of the past?

Fabindia's Karan Kumar on re-writing the brand-agency relationship code.