Aishwarya Ramesh and Abid Hussain Barlaskar

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People Spotting

Ali Harris Shere moves on from Britannia; to join ITC

Ali Harris Shere has stepped down from his post as marketing director

Is OkCupid’s new ad taking a swipe at Tinder?

In its first ever TVC, OkCupid focuses on authentic relationships.

Sweaty in summer? Lux Cozi has a solution - scented vests

A campaign created by 82.5 Communications stars Varun Dhawan endorsing the new line of scented vests...
Points of View

Learning from Surf Excel's social media fire

What happened with HUL's Holi spot for Surf Excel this week could happen to absolutely any brand campaign tomorrow. What should brands do when a simple advert is monsterised, then bashed on social media?