100 words

A look at what's keeping ad/media/marketing folks excited these days - in 100 words.

The radio industry is witnessing an important shift in advertising and that is exactly what keeps the industry excited. With phase III auction, private FM players have expanded their network to multiple cities, making it even more relevant to audiences and advertisers. Radio is an omnipresent medium, reaching listeners on-air, online -whether they are at work or home or even in transit. It is the format, to be consistently heard, that makes it even more relevant for the advertiser. With such close interaction it creates a powerful personal bond with the listener, Hence, it is this personalization that works in the favor of radio over other mediums, when it comes to brand building.

Rahul Namjoshi , Business Head , MY FM

Consumer behaviour is changing dramatically, thanks to rapid innovation from companies/ entrepreneurs and technology usage. It results in consumers being lured with new and exciting offerings making it harder for marketers to build long-term loyalty with brands. Some new businesses adopt a discount/ cashback-led customer acquisition strategy which is transactional with no benefit assigned to a customer's repeat behaviour. Successful marketing entails long-term customer engagement, built on superior customer experience and consistent delivery of value. Brands must focus on recognising and rewarding customers on repeat purchases. What businesses need today is data-driven-intelligence that helps achieve personalisation, contextualisation and real-time intervention via multi-partner loyalty programs with a 360-degree view of customer behaviour. Brands that focus on delivering great experiences will consistently have customer trust and build a larger, loyal customer base.

Ramakant Khandelwal, PAYBACK India CMO

"Increasing Media fragmentation and the Rising Importance of Content Marketing is a trend that trend that excites and challenges me. Thanks to sharper media and consumer content consumption behaviour we know if they will watch international football, but not national cricket or get news via social media and not news sites etc. The challenge is reducing media spillage while ensuring adequate reach and frequency are achieved for each segment.

Brands that understand their consumers well and have the right content and engagement strategy for each platform, this fragmentation allows for more focused messaging and outreach. For less-/ high-ticket purchases like furniture, with high consumer involvement and a well-researched product buying life-cycle, it's an opportunity for tailor-made content-driven engagement strategy that helps build key category benefits with design and quality on one side and value and service on the other."

Kashyap Vadapalli, Chief Marketing Officer,

The Ayurvedic industry has recently taken a giant leap forward. Once considered alternative medicine, today it is looked upon as a primary option to treat many health grievances.

Consumers at certain-income levels, the elderly, and the rural and semi-urban population used Ayurvedic medicines as a cure for quite some time; now it receives acceptance from youth, the urban population and all income groups.

Ayurveda has made inroads in the FMCG sector offering products in skin, hair and personal care that are natural and 100% herbal.

With progress in the science, manufacturing process and technology, traditionally formulated Ayurvedic medicines now show prompt effects and rapid cures.

Chandrakala Purohit, Chief Operating Officer, JMD Medico

Digital offers us the ability to craft stories that go beyond the 'standard' brand film. Yet most of what we see are long format films tapping into either humour or sentimentality. On the other end of the spectrum, we see influencer-generated content with little or no brand connect. We need to think of content as non-linear and disaggregated; this is where Glitch excels. As platform agnostic storytellers, we understand non-linear content creation, while keeping the brand central, is the need of the hour. For example, using UGC data to carry the narrative of a promo, makes it both refreshing and engaging.

Kabir Kochhar, Business Head & Managing Partner at The Glitch

It's a consumer-empowered economy with expectations of a customization. People want everything they desire, the way they desire it.

Growing consumer awareness, lack of access to pure water and convenience are the reasons why the market for water purification is growing. Today a water purifier at home has become a 'necessity' rather than a 'good to have' product.

Service is also a key to the changes that are shaping the market. Consumers are getting more demanding, requesting faster service at their convenience. To be able to deliver superior customer experiences and create evangelists, businesses are synchronizing their efforts across multiple customer touch points through integrated systems.

Shashank Sinha, Marketing, Eureka Forbes

India has a young demography and it is this young population that is shaping the beauty industry for the future. Gen Z are discerning and open to experimenting. They are digitally savvy and love consuming trend updates on the go.

With an intent to connect with millennials, the brand has been adopting new age methods to engage with them. AVON is investing in various forms of digital content ranging from Gifs and albums to contests to constantly engage with the audience. AVON launched the AVON True Range via FB Live, ran the AVON True Make Up Marathon campaign on social media through the month of April and associated with colleges for nail art sessions to connect with youth. AVON also initiated the
#PayAttention Breast Cancer campaign to create awareness among the youth and help beat breast cancer.

Sustainability is the focus for AVON and a good assessment of brand lift is increase in engagement, consideration and shareability of the campaign. Millennials associate well with AVON and we are glad to have been able to connect with our core audience. Our campaign reach on social media is testimony to it why we are ahead of many global brands.

Swati Jain, Director- Marketing, Avon India

The FMCG space is being re-imagined with brands turning themselves into publishers and telling stories to consumers in newer ways. The confluence of technology, e-commerce and expanding consumer avenues are catalyst to these events. This makes the task of marketing very interesting and it needs to move beyond the 30s spot. At Zydus Wellness, we are taking this forward by using Branded Content in an experiential manner - it entertains, showcases and imagines consumers' challenges and helps them optimise the product and its benefits in their lives. For example - in the web-series 'Sweet Break Up', we have busted myths and demonstrated that Indian sweets can be made healthier with no extra calories, using Sugar Free.

Tarun Arora, COO, Zydus Wellness

The financial services sector is seeing a confluence of digitally-savvy consumers and a digitally positive India stack coupled with the consumerism of technology. Newer digital platforms like social, mobility, data, and cloud platforms that rest on AI and Machine Learning in the form of Chatbots, RPA, NLP and more are being embraced by financial service companies. These enhance customer engagement, increase revenue, and reduce costs. Legacy systems are now being replaced by flexible architectures and linear value chassis are being transformed into digital ecosystems. Data availability has exploded and consequently data analytics is now a critical competitive advantage with the objective of superior risk assessment. Therefore, it is imperative for NBFCs to adopt a holistic 'Digital System' as opposed to one that's a separate, in order to thrive in today's digital space.

Veetika Deoras, Chief Operating Officer - Digital Vertical & Head - Brand Marketing & Corporate Communication, Tata Capital

Today, everyone carries their world in their hands on numerous smart devices. Research has shown that 85 per cent of an app user's time is spent on only a handful of apps. High customer acquisition cost and low return on investment are the two most important issues that brands face as they scale. CleverTap attempts to bring powerful behavioural analytics and user-centric engagement together, on one single platform and helps one get powerful actionable insights on how people use a given product. This can help brands to run targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns across the entire user life-cycle and eventually measure the reach and impact of each campaign.

Almitra Karnik, Head of Marketing, CleverTap

"With an estimated CAGR of 20 per cent over next five years, the Indian used car market is witnessing a dynamic transformation. The use of technology in the car re-sale process stands out as a prime focus point in bringing in standard procedures and a stronger framework capable of winning consumer trust. It also helps boost sales. While the affordability factor has gone up with sedans trumping hatchbacks in the used car market, the ownership period has decreased to about four to five years. We are witnessing an active shift towards environment-friendly solutions with as many as 22 per cent of used cars being CNG-fuelled in NCR, followed by 18 per cent in Mumbai. Over 40 per cent of all used cars have two or more owners. This shows increased acceptance for used cars."

Vikram Chopra, CEO, CARS24

Lingerie, for the longest time, was an under-serviced category with limited options/styles/solutions, despite being a 'staple' wardrobe product. But that is changing. Thanks to foreign media, society/mindsets are changing. The overall affinity towards brands and fashion is increasing. The lingerie segment is seeing similar trends - in fact, the curve is steeper here than it is in other apparel categories. Customers are demanding more. The rising young population, the rise of female spenders, increasing disposable incomes and the need for a more solution-based approach, are all helping the segment grow. This is also the best time for product innovation, as the customer is far more demanding and aware than she ever was.

While the overall apparel segment is growing at 8-9% CAGR, lingerie is pegged to grow at 15-22%, annually. The $4Bn market (projected 8Bn by 2020) is still so nascent that the top 10 brands put together are not even addressing 8% of the overall market. It's a market just waiting to be tapped.

Neha Kant, Founder and CRO, Clovia

"In two words - Mullen Lintas! Since we launched Mullen Lintas some 12 months ago we have executed 13 new launches. Voot, Vistara, Voonik, Gionee, Cleartrip Local, Honda BRV, Dabur HoneySpread, Yoodley, Almond Shampoo and Real Wellness Jamun, MTV Beats, Avenger FLG, Tata Coffee Grand. We are finding the waterscape on the client's side, the tech side and the audience side evolving everyday.

We are enjoying the challenges of new money, particularly. This waterfall of content, backed by VCs that audiences are stunned, amazed by. Dancing under that waterfall. Pulling eyeballs to little idea jigs for our brands, that's refreshing!"

Amer Jaleel, CCO, Mullen Lintas

"These are exciting times in the stationery space especially since today's children are well informed and prefer using superior products - thanks to social media. Schools have been imparting all-round education and are not just looking at academic curriculum, but are making children aware of pressing social issues facing the country. Kokuyo Camlin has been riding this digital wave with initiatives like tree plantations, Clean India and promotion of art. Our Camlin Experience App for smartphones gives children an almost real life experience of art."

Saumitra Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer, Kokuyo Camlin

"I'm excited to run an online video business at a time when India is witnessing an explosion in internet penetration. Almost all social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are including video as a core part of their growth strategy, and the quality of internet connectivity in the country is improving every day. More and more people are consuming content, especially video, over the internet today. Live video streaming, original programs by OTTs, increased brand video advertising are all buzz words and I feel we at Vidooly are at the right place at the right time!"

Subrat Kar, CEO, Vidooly