Web Publishing
in a post-COVID world

TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Indians love to consume news. More than 400 million people access the internet at least once a month and news sites are one of their favourite destinations. But the unexpected load during the lockdown has put stress on publisher infrastructure.

The pandemic, other than operational issues, has forced publishers to question many of their approaches including whether apps are a good investment or not: apps do allow personalisation and greater stickiness but, on the other hand, they lose out when it comes to social media traffic. There are greater security concerns around apps too.

Meanwhile, the old issues of inadequate monetisation haven’t gone away. Greater ad spends are moving online but publishers are not benefiting from this trend. What can custodians of news brands do under these circumstances?

As people begin to return to the world outside, will that alter the way they consume news? Have their expectations from their favourite media brands changed? Top publishers discuss.


Mitesh Jain
Mitesh Jain
Country Sales Manager, Media & Carrier Division
Akamai Technologies
Mithun Kidambi
Mithun Kidambi
Head - Product & Revenue
The Wire
Nigel Eccleston
Nigel Eccleston
Head - Digital
Sanjay Sindhwani
Sanjay Sindhwani
Chief Executive Officer
The Indian Express
Sujit Routray
Sujit Routray
Vice President, Digital Operations
Asianet News Network
Vijay Jung Thapa
Vijay Jung Thapa
Chief Digital Officer
ABP News
Co-founder & Director

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