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Animal Planet presents an Indian wildlife film Land of the Tiger

Media release, March 31, 2005

New Delhi

Beginning in April, Animal Planet, the world’s only channel devoted exclusively to the relationship between humans and animals, along with one of the world’s leading tiger experts, Valmik Thapar invites you to a special journey into the vast, exotic and awe-inspiring Indian subcontinent and its amazing variety of wildlife in its premiere series - Land of the Tiger.

From elusive Himalayan snow leopards to the Indian Ocean’s magnificent coral reefs, the series takes viewers on a remarkable journey across the subcontinent. Presented and narrated by Valmik Thapar, Land of the Tiger offers viewers unique glimpses of Indian wildlife, including a jackal nipping at the heels of a sloth bear, a tiger stalking a monkey, flying lizards, swimming elephants, walking fish, singing apes and even dancing spiders.

Filmed over a period of three years, each episode of this series focuses on a particular habitat highlighting its unique magnificence. The series also highlights the country’s various myths, cultures and religions to show humans’ relationship with nature.

The six-part series, Land of the Tiger, will air on Animal Planet every Saturday at 10 pm from April 2nd to May 7th.

Pankaj Saxena, vice-president - programming, Discovery Networks India said, “There has, perhaps, never been a higher interest in India on wildlife with the government, conservationists, media and country’s citizens partnering to counter the challenges being faced today by Indian wildlife. Cognizant of the demand, both in Indian and abroad, for programmes on the unique and diverse Indian wildlife, Animal Planet will continue to present India specific content as part of its India growth strategy.”

Series Description

The Tiger’s Domain, 2nd April - India is home to one-fifth of the world's tiger population. This episode plots the evolution of life in the Indian subcontinent and explores the close relationship between religion and wildlife, presenting certain elements of Hindu and Jain festivals as a celebration of natural world.

Sacred Waters, 9th April – The great northern plains of India are watered by the Ganges, the Indus and the Brahmaputra. The episode shows wild buffalos, elephants and one-horn rhinos sharing the rivers' bounty with crocodiles and freshwater dolphins.

Unknown Seas, 16th April - This episode features Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ swimming elephants, the octopus of Lakshadweep and the spectacular coral reef in the Gulf of Kutch.

The Desert Kingdom, 23rd April – The episode presents India's northwestern border and the surrounding grasslands which offer sustenance to the rare wild ass, the great Indian bustard and the revered black buck.

Mountains of the Gods, 30th April - This episode shows how brown and black bear, ibex and snow leopard survive the treacherous slopes of the world's highest mountain range - the Himalayas.

Monsoon Forests, 7th May - The southern peninsular is dominated by the abundant forests of Assam, Western Ghats and Sri Lanka, whose exotic creatures include the hoolock gibbon, the slow loris and giant hornbill.

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