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Chew up RJ's brain and fly free, courtesy – Radio Mirchi

Media Release, August 23


If you think you are wacky and are talented with the gift of the gab, then Radio Mirchi offers you a platform to show your talent. Starting August 17th, right till the beginning of September, Radio Mirchi gives Delhites a chance to grill Ulta Pulta Nitin with their crazy nonsensical questions on ‘Bheja Fly’, in return for free tickets to Goa courtesy Spice Jet airlines.

Simply put, callers have to chew Nitin’s brains till he is totally exhausted and is ready to collapse. All you need to do is call Nitin on 51983983 and have fun on his expense. The best Grilling person to drive Nitin nuts every morning will win a free Spice Jet ticket to Goa.

For further information, please contact:

Charu Raizada /Deepti Bhadoria

9811783347 / 98111 47175

PR Pundit, New Delhi