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Discovery kids to presents it's first local production Mystery Hunters India

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National, December 14, 2012

Discovery Kids will present a new and exciting experience for kids with its first local production- MYSTERY HUNTERS INDIA. Demystifying intriguing myths, MYSTERY HUNTERS INDIA will unearth the answers to the hidden and unexplained mysteries from Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Rajasthan and Delhi amongst other states.

Mystery Hunters

Pairing a bright young boy and a girl - Himanshu and Apoorva, MYSTERY HUNTERS INDIA will travel the length and breadth of the country to explore and delve into the tales which have bewildered people for ages. The inquisitive duo will uncover the truth behind the strange paintings in Madhya Pradesh, to get to the root of the existence of Pygmy elephants in Kerala considered extinct for over 200 years and many more such captivating mysteries.

Assisting Mystery Hunters Team is Mantra aka Doubting Dev, the resident skeptical scientist back at the Mystery Hunters lab. He uses his own brand of humour to conduct fun experiments and help solve mysteries. The trio will take viewers to explore the myriad places in India and unfold the reality about archaeological wonders, cursed towns, intense forests and much more.

Rahul Johri, Senior Vice President & General Manager - South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, "Discovery Kids is a refreshing offering in the kids genre that has been appreciated for its fun, enriching and transformative programming. We are delighted to launch its first India series - Mystery Hunters India. Hosted by young and bright kids, Apoorva and Himanshu, the series presents interesting stories that gives enthralling explanations to common myths and unexplained phenomena."
Armed with video cameras and instincts, Apoorva and Himanshu gather facts, meet the experts and present explanations.

To promote the series, Discovery Kids has launched an exciting contest for the viewers based on the mysteries captured in Mystery Hunters India. Kids can participate by sending their answers via sms by typing DISCOVERYKIDSA/B/C to 56161 or log on to and win exciting prizes from Discovery Kids.

Mystery Hunters India is based on the Apartment 11 format and produced by BBC Worldwide Productions.

Mystery Hunters head to Ahmedabad to the site of the partially destroyed pillar to seek the answer to why the Jhulta Minar sways.

Mystery Hunters finds out the tricks to capture and control the snakes from a real snake charmer.

Fig fruit has tiny wasps inside it. Does it mean that we eat insects when we eat figs?

Strange paintings and markings in rock shelters of Chhaturbhujnath Nala which the locals believe have been made by jungle monsters and demons.

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