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Hummra M creates history in Indian television

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National, February 06, 2013

Hummra M continues to surprise pundits. This time it creates history by beating the lead GEC channel in Bhojpuri. In the history of Indian broadcasting never a Music channel came anywhere near a GEC channel of the same language, let alone beating it hands down.

But this is neither luck nor fluke. Months of meticulous planning and continuous market visit has helped Hummra M to clearly understand the aspiration of the people. Their highs and lows. Unlike other channels, Hummra M focused on developing a STATIONALITY (personality of a channel) which has been ignored by most broadcasters. Because of hyper competition and sameness of content, it is not only important to have good content and packaging it is equally critical to create a personality of the channel. Most importantly this personality should be a true reflection of the viewers themselves. Hence came the expression "Hummri Boli Hummra M".

Launch Pad, which did the Consulting Team managing the project end to end, also resisted the temptation of falling for Hindi. Most channels are today stuck with a mix of Hindi & English content which is increasingly confusing and alienating the viewers especially when they are offered 100% Bhojpuri language entertainment. The core team worked tirelessly and found while Hindi is definitely understood and patronized by Bhojpuris, they have a different place in their heart for Bhojpuri content. Though they could not articulate this very well but it was very clear from their unspoken words that a Bhojpuri channel is more than just a place for entertainment they feel proud too. In fact Hummra M has consciously distributed itself to certain Bhojpuri speaking areas of UP and the viewers have responded with the same verdict as in Bihar & Jharkhand.

Today media planners and client alike are reaping the fruit of this outcome by replacing Bhojpuri GEC etc with Hummra M to deliver their objectives. 

VIKAS VARMA - Partner - Launch Pad

Vikas Varma , partner Launch Pad said "The Bhojpuri market is growing at a very good rate and it is very exciting to explore the scene further. We beat most other channels soon after our launch because we added a lot of colour and vibrancy to Bhojpuri music to draw the attention of our viewers. The Bhojpuri Speaking audience was waiting for an international quality channel in their mother tongue and Hummra M managed to cater to that need gap.

PROBAL GAANGULY - Partner - Launch Pad

Probal Gaanguly, partner Launch Pad, was excited with the business proposition that Hummra M has managed to create. He said "The instant success at the Launch of the channel has resulted in helping it get various brands and advertisers on-board, who have started getting immense benefits in this huge cluttered TV space. Since hindi heartland is one of the most important target market for most big brands, Hummra M is seeing substantial number on brands getting onto the channel. The massive time spent and GRPs are helping brands to park more and more budgets on this platform.

Launch Pad's vision is to create a series of Regional Music Entertainment channels and make them profitable for all stake holders ( Investor, Advertiser & Cable Operator) in the shortest possible time. The future markets that Launch Pad are considering are Punjab, Bengal, Orissa in the immediate future.




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