ActionAid India Society kick-starts 'Page 3' ad campaign

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Company press release, November 19, 2003
New Delhi

ActionAid India, which has been working for the betterment of marginalized groups in the country, recently announced the launch of Page 3 ad campaign by Mr. Harsh Mander, Country Director, ActionAid India in presence of Mr. Jeroninio (Jerry) Almeida, Chief Executive & Fundraising Director, ActionAid India Society, well known film maker & fashion designer Muzaffar Ali, former cabinet minister & keen culture & art admirer Vasant Sathe and other distinguished guests.

The campaign, initiated for the first time in country, attempts to sensitise the Page 3 class who live a cocooned life oblivious of societal concern. Most specifically, those amongst them who still retain some sensitivity but are trapped by all forms of consumerism and sometimes, feel guilty about it.

The Page 3 culture is an expression of a section of society that gets drawn to non-serious and trivial issue. The campaign aims to draw strong contrasts between the dichotomous sections of the society and leaves the reader with an impression of the reality that exists outside the Page 3. In fact, using Page 3 both physically and metaphysically seemed to be an exciting strategic and creative possibility

"Metaphorically, Page 3 stands for things diametrically opposite to Action Aid's philosophy and concerns that actually need everybody's attention. So placing these serious issues in that context of Page 3 would, hopefully drive home the irony that the campaign wishes to bring to people's notice - the social apathy towards important issues and the mindless consumption of banal triviality", said Mr. Jeroninio (Jerry) Almeida, Chief Executive & Fundraising Director, ActionAid India Society.

"The idea is to leverage Page 3-ism per se and everything it signifies or stands for and not to mock either the publication or the reader in isolation but in fact, mock at all of us together as we are collectively responsible for phenomena such as page 3, just as we should be collectively responsible for the greater good of the society. We just want to drive home the message that we all have a choice and must feel empowered to choose and choose intelligently", added Mr. Jeroninio.

About Karm Mitra- Donor Loyalty program

ActionAid India has introduced an innovative fundraising product Karm Mitra. This is a unique form of 'Donor Loyalty' program for the people who are ready to share a minor part of their income and in return can avail many benefits. Karm Mitra denotes 'Friends-in-Action' which is identical with the ideology of teaming like-minded members of the society on one platform to create a better world. Based on the philosophy that when people do good they should get good things in return, Karm Mitra is a first of its kind worldwide in terms of its packaging and marketing strategy.

Karm Mitra members, who form the Karm Mitra community, would be an integral part of all the initiatives and will be the goodwill ambassadors and supporters along with other celebrities, socialites and industrialists already associated with these initiatives. The Karm Mitra community will have categories of donor members. Members of each category will gain tangible benefits like tickets to music concerts, Movie Premier, Supper Theater, life insurance from OM Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance, ICICI Bank & ActionAid co branded credit cards, holiday packages and tax exemption according to the contributions made by them.

About Action Aid India
ActionAid India is a development organisation working with the most poor and marginalized communities, in partnership with the communities themselves, and their organizations, Non Government Organizations (NGOs) and the Government. It seeks to address the denial of basic rights of poor and marginalized women, men boys and girls and support creation and restoration of such rights. It is working in over 20 states since 1972 in partnership with over 300 voluntary organizations.

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