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Hungama TV's on-air cricket game show Full Toss goes outdoor

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Media release, April 22, 2005
New Delhi

Hungama TV is all set to raise your fun quotient this summer with its successful on-air action-packed, gully cricket show Full Toss that comes alive in 10 cities starting with Delhi and Pune on Sunday April 17th. A month long cricket extravaganza, Full Toss Cricket Hungama ends with nerve-wrenching decisive finals that will be held on May 15th in the dust-bowls of Mumbai that are home to many a cricketing legend. Geared to test the best fielders and batsmen consisting of 4 teams of 7 members each, Full Toss will visit your city on the following dates:

Pune     17th April, Sunday
Ludhiana     24th April, Sunday
Lucknow     1st May, Sunday
Hyderabad     1st May, Sunday
Ahmedabad     8th May, Sunday
Indore     8th May, Sunday

The Full Toss team will scan school and city sports clubs, sports bodies for budding cricketing talent where four teams would qualify for the city level league matches. The 4 teams will play 3 matches each. The winning team of this league match, which will be decided based on maximum points gained across various parameters, will have a chance of representing their specific zone in the Semi Finals. The Zones consists of three zones i.e. North (including Kolkata), South and West. The three Semi finalists will be chosen based on maximum points gained in their respective zones. The Semi Finals and the Finals will be played on May 15, 2005 in Mumbai.

However, the surprise element is the 4th team i.e. The Trump Team. No rules apply to qualify for the fourth team. It is a team that consists of spectators chosen through lucky draw from these 10 cities. No selection, No procedures. Its simple. You just have to be present at the venue to watch the series and who knows, maybe you could get lucky and get to come to Mumbai to play the Full Toss Cricket Hungama Finals.

The finals will be held between the 2 winner teams who have fought it out in the semis. And they get to take home the Full Toss Cricket Hungama Trophy. So don a simple tee and a Full Toss cap and a lot of attitude this summer. Form a team of ace gully cricketers from your school, society. Our rules are as simple and as funky as the cricket you play in your gully. Hungama TV would be kick starting a nationwide media campaign starting April 13, 2005. Don't miss the Full Toss vans, with a real cricket pitch atop that would be visiting your city, which will give you a feel of the much-awaited series, at every malls and happening hubs in your city.

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