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Santa sends some Angel Flakes to Radio Indigo this Christmas

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Bangalore, December 25, 2010

Radio Indigo (91-9) Jingled all the way at schools this Christmas with The Indigo Jingle Jam. The Indigo Jingle Jam was an on- air contest for school students to roll out their own compositions with the words Christmas, New Year and Radio Indigo. The Indigo Jingle Jam received compositions in leaps and bounds from 109 teams across 57 schools in Bangalore.

The Indigo Jingle Jam made sure that every team wrote their own lyrics and composed their own tunes, giving rise to 109 very interesting and enlightening verses. Of course, showcasing their talent and having fun along the way, in their own way was a part of the deal.

The Radio Indigo RJs selected five teams- Soul to Soul (Bethany High School), Red Zepplin(Delhi Public School- East), Trio beats (Trio World School), Baldwin Stars (Baldwin Girls' High School) and Angel Flakes (Canadian International School) for the finals. The contest got a bit more exciting & engaging when the top five Jingles were uploaded on the website and the listeners had to decide the best Jingle. The voting process was open for three days between the 20th and 22nd December through the website ( and the SMS (52919).

The ultimate prize went to Angel Flakes comprising of Anika, Akane, Leea and Monty from Canadian International School, who with their tune, managed to get the perfect sync between the words and the tune. Each member of the team received four passes to WonderLa and Radio Indigo goodies, while the entire team received a rolling trophy.

The Radio Indigo RJs Kenny Jones and Melodee Austin hopped into the Indigo Sleigh and rode off to visit Bethany High School, National Public School (HSR Layout), Mallya Aditi International School and Canadian International School on the 15th and 16th December. The RJs got the students to put on their creative thinking caps and cheer for their school teams in their own unique way. Apart from being mobbed by the students for the Indigo goodies, the visit to these schools got the students to interact with the two RJs who answered their queries about the Radio industry.

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